Monday, December 7, 2015

The Myth of Co-Parenting

It is impossible to co-parent with an NSP (Narcissist/Sociopath/Psychopath).  To call it co-parenting is an insult to the parent who actually parents.

The NSP takes information and uses it to cause confusion and pain.

I've been thinking about Attachment recently.  One of our helpers talks about how I am my children's primary attachment figure, and because they have me, they will be saved.  Their disordered father does everything he can to undermine my children's attachment to me.  Why would he do that?

Because he is evil.

Because if he can't win, everyone must lose.

My children come home to me,  consistently, shattered.  Trauma.   They are shattered and I must parent these broken children.  They have been told that I am wrong, and bad, and sick, and scared.  They have been told lies about me.  These lies are designed by their psychopathic father to distance my children from me, to weaken their bonds of attachment.

This is the culture we live in.  My house.  These times.

I cannot co-parent with the psychopath.

If I share information about our children's likes, dislikes, habits, preferences - that information is twisted to undermine them, and me.  Better to just keep it to myself.

I learned this the hard way.  Of course.

Every interaction I have with their psychopathic father, is guarded.  I share information very carefully, always strategically.

Always strategic.

It is the best way to protect my kids from the psychopath, and to ensure that I remain an active part of their lives.

Be Well,

AKA Rose Lee Mitchell

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