Monday, October 24, 2016

Resist The Urge To Engage

You share custody with your ex.  You've done this for years.

You are a normal human being.

He is not.  He is a NSP (narcissist, sociopath, psychopath).

Even though you know he is abnormal, you still want to relate to the NSP in a normal way. But, you don't.

You know better.  You learned the hard way.

Your instinct is to fill him in on how things are going with your kids.  You don't.

Any bit of information he gets will be used against you.  It will be twisted. Your good deed, your impulse to share, to fill him in on what's been happening, for your kids' sake, for everyone's benefit ---- no no no no no no.  It doesn't go right.  It doesn't go right, because he is not right.  He is disordered, abnormal, and unfixable.

He is disordered, abnormal, and unfixable.

You learned this in the marriage.  This is why you left.

You tried to communicate with him for years.  You endured word salad, lies, rages.

After you left him, you endured the custody battle.

You endured the seemingly endless email rants, so similar to the endless rants you experienced face to face while you were married.

You have endured all the nonsense.

You would like to share the news about your children with their father, but their father is a psychopath.  He wants to cause you harm.

The less you engage, the better for you - and the better for your children too.


Be Well,

AKA Rose Lee Mitchell