Thursday, November 3, 2016

When You Shine

When You Shine you give off a beacon of light.

You dazzle.

Joy radiates from you as share your gift, skill, grace, passion, expertise.

Whatever it is that you do, when you do it well, with full authenticity, with unabashed dignity, You Shine.


Your shining moment, your dazzling light, is a beacon for the NSP.

The NSP simultaneously loves and hates your light, your fortune, your ability, your success.

The NSP wants to consume it, devour you, destroy you.  Be ready.


If you do not know the concept of "Grey Rock", google it.  It is a strategy to avoid the abuse of the NSP.  It works.

Grey Rock works, but it costs you your life.

It gives you a certain freedom, but it is not a long-term strategy, as "Grey Rock" is its own prison.

"Grey Rock" is not a place to LIVE, it is only a place to VISIT.


Look to Hillary Clinton for her how-to-live as a Shining Star in a world of NSP haters, who constantly try to destroy her.  Watch how she has lived to prevail.  Watch how she focuses on What Matters.

She is my Hero.


The NSP comes after me whenever I shine.

The NSP inserts himself into my world, however he is able.  Now that we are divorced, and my boundary walls are so fortified, he usually can only stand on the sidelines, and attempt to distract me by his presence.  (Imagine me a coach for a college sports team.  The NSP sitting right there, in my sightline.  Like that.  Good times.)  It's actually laughable.

The NSP does this the first time, and it rattles me a bit.  But I persist.  I prevail.

The NSP does this the second time, and I have experience handling his nonsense.  So, his attempt is thwarted simply because it isn't a novel approach.

The NSP does this the third time, and I'm annoyed, but LAUGHING at the nonsense.  I talk to God.  "Really, God???? Really???? Is this what it's going to take for me to be AWESOME????"    God Answers, "Yes.  Toughen up.  The world is hard place.  You must be strong to do all that you want to do."  I think, "Okay God.  I'll do what it takes."


The NSP comes after me whenever I shine.  So be it.


First Comes the Flattery.  Next Comes the Threat.


Be Well,


AKA Rose Lee Mitchell

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